How Much Does it Cost?

Candy Buffets add a nice element to any party.  Guests always enjoy a treat to have at the party or to take home with them.  If decorated and setup properly it should provide an additional “wow factor”. The cost for candy buffets however can be tricky.  It all depends on how much candy you need and the type of candy you choose.  Chocolates, of course, are a lot more expensive than chewy and hard candies. The amount of people will make a difference in the cost as well.

If you plan to hire a company to prepare your candy buffet they may charge a per person price anywhere from about $4 to $10 on average in my area. It depends on the candy selection and other add ons such as labels and ribbons for the jars, rhinestone sticks on your cake pops, a backdrop behind your candy table, and other props to enhance your theme.  Candy Buffets can be quite elaborate.  Often times people add special cookies, cake pops, rock candy, chocolate covered pretzels, and other specialty items.  All of this will raise the price of your buffet.

It is hard to give a set price without sitting down with the designer to discuss your options.  You may want to take a few pictures of candy buffets from Pinterest or other sites that you like to the meeting,  This will help give them a better idea of what you are looking for. Decide on your budget and have the designer layout some options.

If you plan to DIY your candy buffet, then you could probably rent the vases, risers, cupcakes stands etc.. and purchase the candy on your own. If you plan in advance, you can use the weekly 40% or 50% off coupons from Michaels or Joann’s to start collecting your vases and some of the candy if you decide not to rent them.

Often, people will ask how much candy they should purchase.  I suggest about 6-8 ounces per person.  From my experience, this has always been enough, usually with some left over.  You don’t need a cupcake or cookie and cake pop for every guest, a nice variety will do. Some guests will take more or some of everything, but others will take less or none at all.  If you are on a tight budget, your candy buffet can still look nice.  If you are a crafter or know someone who is, have them create cute labels for your jars and use nice ribbon.  The small details will give your candy buffet that wow factor.

For money saving options, you can use popcorn to fill 1-2 large vases and fill out your table. You can also put colored tissue paper in the bottom of the jar to take up some empty space. In my opinion, you always should have a decorative backdrop behind your table, nice linen and a few props.   You will want some small, medium and large jars and you will also need a few risers to elevate some of the jars.

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